Exosomes 101: Meet the exosomes

Exactly a decade ago, a seminal paper revealed the role exosomes play in the body. Read on for Exopharm’s guide on what exosomes are, and why they’re beginning to create a buzz in medical circles.

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Press Release: Exopharm company spun out to commercialise a completely new type of nano-drug for regenerative medicine

A private Australian biotechnology company called Exopharm has announced its investment to bring a completely new type of drug called exosomes into local clinical trials.
Exopharm is founded and backed by Dr Ian Dixon, the Melbourne-based technology innovator behind an ASX-listed cell therapy company, the anisina anticancer drug and the Altnia Group incubator.
After more than 3 years of secret R&D, Altnia is spinning Exopharm out as a specialist company to translate the promising scientific research around exosomes into routine clinical use worldwide for regenerative medicine. Exopharm will build on its patented purification technology called LEAP to make its proprietary exomeres in large scale and at low cost.

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