About Exopharm

Exopharm Pty Ltd is a privately held regenerative medicines company focused on bringing extracellular vesicle/exosome therapy to patients and medical professionals to solve important unmet medical needs.

Vesicles manufactured using Exopharm’s LEAP technology are called exomeres.
Exomere therapy is a completely new class of cell free drug, using natural exomeres purified from sources such as blood plasma and adult stem cell secretome.
Exopharm has patented LEAP, a unique proprietary technology to isolate and purify intact exomeres in large-scale and at low cost.

As the rich and powerful regenerative biology of exosomes/extracellular vesicles is increasingly understood, the time has come to turn this knowledge into first solutions for human health through accelerated progress from pharma-grade manufacturing and preclinical testing to clinical trials in selected indications.

Exopharm, its team and our investors are focused on translating cutting-edge science to bring answers to patients with conditions such as tendinopathy, age-related eye disease, fibrosis, joint disease, degeneration and ageing.

Exopharm is partnering with thought-leaders in the field and is building strong relationships with clinicians in selected therapeutic areas.

Our Team.

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